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Memories Outdone By Truth


By Debra-Lynn Swearingen

Memories of you from photographs
faded streams of light
they form my recollection
and I close my eyes real tight

I can almost hear your voice
and see you standing near
lingering in the moment
forgetting you’re not here

Memories are so fickle
rushing from joy to sorrow
happiness etched in minutes
no promised earthly tomorrow

But O’ how I return to yesterday
and long for times gone by
lingering in days of yore
an old familiar cry

So I wonder if memory
is gift or a curse?
The past is better than it was
reality—all the worse

For here I am without you
no wishing’ll bring you back
an empty chair reminds me
of my wanting-lack

Tho I know we’ll embrace again
where all sorrows cease
memories outdone by truth
—see you at the Wedding Feast!

Photo Credit to See-ming LeeSome rights reserved.

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