Want to talk theology, but the lack of sound sisters got you down? What does the Bible, the Confessions, and the history of the Church really have to say about that?

If you’ve been looking for an online home that is true to Lutheran theology and a place to connect with like-minded Christians, welcome.

Our goal is to foster an environment of comfort and encouragement in confessional theology, spiritual growth, and education in the history of the church that is tailored to the needs of women.


  • Christine Villasenor

    I received an email with a blog about the Smalcald Articles, and wondered where this discussion was on this website?
    I would love to be in on it.
    God’s blessings

  • katieluthersisters

    Christine, welcome! Over on the left there is a group of tags, if you click on the “Smalcald Articles” one it should take you to all the posts. Let me know if you need help!

  • The Rev. Dr. Dan Grimminger, Ph.D., D.C.M.

    I just ran across your wonderful website. Too often such sites are infested with a sort of ultra-feminism, disconnected from true Biblical theology and the Lutheran Confessional Witness. I often read things online and in print form by women that make me wonder if any women exist like the faithful women I knew as a child. Your blog has given me some hope that Godly women exist and that they do not merely want to prove a point or flaunt their gender as if it makes them better. Just reading the contributors’ bios, containing a clear expression of their commitment to their husbands and children, makes me breath a sigh of relief. Thank you, Ladies, for providing an alternative to the smut that poses as a “Christian” on other sites. Thank you for making a forum where the everyday “stuff” can be seen through the lens of Law and Gospel. I admire your efforts and hope you can hear me cheering all the way over here in Ohio! Pax, Pastor Grimminger +

  • Gabriel

    I saw months ago, if not last year, on Sisters of Kathie Luther blogspace a comment where a mom was reminding the readership of a verse (a pauline epistle) that talked about the simple house/family life. Do you know where this vocation verse is located ? Thank you.

  • Grendalyn Nevarez

    Thank you for this site. Im looking forward to reading more posts and participating in discussions pertaining to the Faith. God bless.

  • Barb Hayame

    A friend sent me a cluster of your posts today. Each and every one of them are true gems of hope (whether you’re Lutheran or not). They made me hungry for more, so here I am at your site. Thank you for reaching out using the modern media way with such positive, uplifting messages that God is good, God is compassionate, and through Christ, God is forgiving, in spite of our short comings. We need these reminders often. God’s Word is the compass. Your posts help guide me to my Bible to read, understand further and absorb the blessings of the topic(s). A good study Bible with accompanying explanation doesn’t hurt either. Thanks!

  • Eli

    In response to The Rev. Dr. Dan Grimminger, Ph.D., D.C.M.’s comment:

    “Just reading the contributors’ bios, containing a clear expression of their commitment to their husbands and children, makes me breathe a sigh of relief.”

    Why? I mean, I’m not in favor of adultery or anything, but one would hope that you would also rejoice over a single, childless woman whose primary commitment is to Jesus (just as a married woman’s ought to be).

    You have the culture backwards. If anything, within conservative evangelicalism, a woman with a husband & children might possibly be “flaunting” her gender.

    Sure, many (probably most) Christian women genuinely wish to get married. And according to 1 Corinthians 7:28, there is nothing sinful about getting married.

    But insofar as a having a husband & kids is seen as the calling card for godly, feminine respectability within the church, then marriage & motherhood can actually become idolatrous status symbols within these types of communities.

    Folks, this is churchianity, not the New Testament.

  • Kay Stauffer

    I am so pleased to have found this site as I long for frequent Christian companionship with other women, but dismayed to see so little activity. I am retired, live in the country in the Pacific Northwest, and care for my bedridden husband with multiple health problems. I hope others will respond and we can pick this up soon!!

  • Kay Stauffer

    And now during this corona virus pandemic, I wander back to this site, and am still dismayed to see that the most recent previous post is the one I wrote 10 months ago. Apparently there has been no activity since then, which I find very sad. Also sad was the passing of my husband a month ago, and now more than ever, I wish for some communication with Lutheran women. Maybe everyone is busy with their videos & online services, & kids & husbands at home, and will soon get back to this site when the pandemic passes….

  • Kay Stauffer

    Yes, hello! I am on FB, and I joined the Sisters of Katie Luther FB page sometime ago, but, I guess I haven’t been back to it since and it hasn’t popped up in my feed. Do you guys prefer FB? It doesn’t seem private to me, at all. I think they have gnomes in an attic somewhere reading all the posts that mention certain keywords, like Christian or God, and filing them in a basket of deplorables for future retaliation…. but should I go there to answer?

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