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The Perfect Potluck Plate {infographic}

By Vanessa Rasanen

Who doesn’t love a church potluck? I mean, sure, it can be stressful sometimes to decide what to bring, but there’s just something comforting and wonderful about the homemade secret-recipe hot-dishes mingling with box of store-bought donuts being passed off as desserts (ahem, not that I’ve ever done that or anything…).

Not to mention the salads that aren’t really salads at all — hello, jello. My favorite!

But potlucks may not always be happy affairs. Without proper planning and execution, your potluck plate can end up being a sad dish of regret rather than the happy helping of comfort and joy. To help avoid the unfortunate, here’s a handy guide to getting that perfect potluck plate……. every time.

The Perfect Potluck Plate

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