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    Picking the Perfect Lutheran Name

    By Vanessa Rasanen The job of naming someone is quite daunting, isn’t it? Sometimes I think Adam sure had it easy. You know, aside from that whole plunging the entire world and all of creation into sin… But really, he gave names to all the creatures and to his wife, and I’m guessing he didn’t have quite the same issue we have today where every other name considered is tainted by some person we’ve met, character we hate, or abominable figure in history. He didn’t have to worry about what initials spelled or whether they rhymed with swear words or embarrassing bodily functions. He just picked a name, and there it…

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    Wedding Bloopers

      By Amanda Markel Let me tell you a funny story about my wedding. In the months and weeks leading up to the big day, my almost-husband and I worked diligently with our pastor on the service. Of course, we were using the standard wedding rite from the hymnal, but there were gaps to be filled in with Bible readings, hymns, and instrumental music. The pastor had suggestions, but we had to choose the final details. And, after reading through many Bible readings and hymns, and listening to lots of music, we had all the decisions made, and were ready to have the bulletins printed. I can’t tell you how…