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Father’s Day for Christians

I Need to Hear Jesus


By Holly Scheer

The history of Father’s Day is interesting. Until this year, I’d never really sat and looked up when and why it started. From what I’ve read, there was an isolated Father’s Day celebration in 1908, but the holiday really formed in 1910, started by a woman to honor her father who as a single parent raised six children.

It was held on a Sunday, the date chosen by when the pastor could get his sermons written. You can read more about it here.

Father’s Day can be tricky for the reasons outlined by the incredible Sister’s post we featured on Mother’s Day. “Growing up I dreaded going to church on Mother’s Day.  It was a day that I knew I would hear a sermon pontificating more on the faithfulness of mothers than the faithfulness of Christ. I was growing up with a mom who was physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. She did not love me unconditionally, and she continually refused to fulfill basic responsibilities like feeding her kids.”

Not everyone has earthly parents that show them the love our heavenly Father bears us. When we focus merely on earthly parents, this wounds those who are hurting because of their families of origin. “I needed Sundays. Sunday was the day I could leave a house of darkness for a place where I would surely hear the Gospel. I knew Jesus would not hold my sins over my head and beat the crap out of me. Sunday was the day I knew where my meal was coming from, and it was the most filling meal a kid could get. Yet ironically, Mother’s day was the one Sunday each year I was never really sure I would hear the Gospel preached. It usually ended up being a day I would hear how mothers are an icon of God’s love, how they embody sacrificial service and how they wear the mask of God.

It was a day I heard all about what my mom wasn’t. It was a day that left me feeling empty.”

We have a heavenly Father who will never hurt us, who will never fail us or forget to wrap us in love and care. He cared enough to send His Son to die for us.

Father’s Day may remind you of all the sweet times with your father, or it may remind you of all the hard times with your father. If you are hurting this Father’s Day, I am so sorry. Jesus is died for this, too.

This Father’s Day was the first for my family without my father-in-law. I was blessed in this life with two fathers that above all else were Godly men. Now my father-in-law has joined the Church Triumphant and we await the resurrection to be reunited. Losing him unexpectedly and so quickly reminds us to cherish my father. And it also reminds us that God is the one ultimately in control, and what a comfort that is.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I hope you heard Jesus. We all need Jesus.

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