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Holy Week

Holy Weekby Holly Scheer

Sunday was Palm Sunday. We have entered Holy Week– the holiest of weeks in the church year, in which we follow the final footsteps of our Lord from his Triumphant entry into Jerusalem, remember the institution of the Lord’s Supper, mourn the betrayal in the garden and pray as He suffers on the cross. And on Sunday we rejoice in the Resurrection and the forgiveness and peace that is ours as beloved children of God.

Holy Week brings so much of our theology into perfect clarity in such a short period of time. It is a week filled with the best of news — we are loved, we are saved, we are redeemed; and the worst of news — humanity is fallen and all of us will die.

Christ became man. He suffered in our stead. He died a criminal’s death. He descended into Hell. His body was shut up in a tomb, but He did not stay there. And in all of this we have assurance that we who have died in Christ have the hope and promise of an eternal life free from sin, pain and all the hurts of this world.

It is Holy Week. This week is a beautiful opportunity to come together as a church family to watch these last steps, to weep for the suffering of our Lord, and then rejoice in the newness of life and hope in Easter.

Photo credit to Vincent Parsons licensed under Creative Commons

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