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    Teaching Children with the Hymnody

    By Mary Abrahamson Hymns hold within their lyrics and poetry the truths of Scripture. God, we praise You! God, we bless You! God, we name You sovereign Lord! Mighty King whom angels worship, Father, by Your church adored: All creation shows Your glory, Heav’n and earth draw near Your throne, Singing “Holy, holy, holy, Lord of hosts, and God alone!” ELH 42 Text God, we praise You! God, we bless You! by Christopher Idle©1982 Jubilate Group (admin. Hope Publishing Company). Used by permission. Some hymn are prayers directly to God, and as such, vary as widely as our prayers. We praise God: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King…

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    Parent’s Guide to Bible History

    By Mary Abrahamson A Parents’ Guide to beginning Catechesis or put more simply, How do I teach my small child about God? Part III Bible History   Why do we teach our children Bible History? Why do we get them Bible Story books with nice illustrations? Why do we buy those picture books portraying the more well-known stories from the Bible? Good questions. And for the basic, “Why?” many would not have a ready answer. Others might have a wrong answer. I’ve observed two primary notions or focus in the teaching and presenting of Bible History among Christians today that are wrong. Yes, there are wrong reasons to teach Bible…