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    Adoption and Loss

    by Amy Stafford People often say how blessed our daughter is to have been adopted.  And of course, my response is always that we are the blessed ones to have her in our lives.  People also often say she was meant for our family.  She certainly appears to be.  Her personality is so much like her older sister’s, it’s scary.  She fills what was previously a gaping hole in our family.  She is the delight of our lives and fits in perfectly.  But it must be said, she was also meant for her birth family. She was born to another mother, and another father.  To other grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. …

  • Welcoming Adopted Kids Into Our Churches
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    Welcoming Adopted Kids into Our Churches

    Psalm 127 tells us, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.”  Welcoming a new child into our church family is often an exciting and much anticipated event.  While most families are blessed with biological children, other families are created through adoption, or a combination of biological and adopted children.  Unfortunately, there is often confusion about how best to welcome adoptive families into our midst and support them through the adoption process.  With a little thoughtfulness and preparation, however, your congregation can be a source of love, comfort and strength to an adoptive family. First of all, supporting the adoptive family begins before the child is ever placed in their…