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    Birth Fears, Redux

    By Allison Hull It’s a birthday! Everyone’s excited for the first birthday, right? Can’t wait to see the cake smashing and the icing covered face. Can’t wait to see them try to rip into a present and probably pass out from the sugar coma. Birthdays are supposed to be joyous times filled with eagerness for the years to come. For some moms it’s not all joy. Some births are not always joyous and some are downright scary. As I near a first birthday I’m reminded of that time for me over and over again. And I’m reminded of this article Holly posted in July. https://katieluthersisters.org/2015/07/birth-fears/ When she first wrote it…

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    Another Take on Advent Preparations

    By Allison Hull I’m going to talk about something controversial. It might get some very heated so you may want to click back to another page. Seriously, you’ve been warned. I’m talking about Advent. How to celebrate it as opposed to Christmas. Now, I’ve been talking to a number of people and this subject gets everyone riled up for some reason. Everyone thinks they’ve got the right idea about how to celebrate it, especially if you’re religious. One thing we can all agree on is that it’s a time of preparation. My husband is a huge Christmas fan. He listens to the music in July, watches Elf and Jingle All…

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    Defining Beauty

    By Allison Hull As I washed my hands for the fifteenth time this morning I glanced up into the mirror and sighed. I looked tired, older than I should, and my skin has pores the size of the state I live in. To say I’m not happy with my appearance is an understatement. But I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll always have saggy skin, under eye circles, and a paunch. After 4 boys that’s to be expected, right? I’ve always been sensitive to my appearance, always bought in to social media’s idea of what I should look like. I’m discouraged by the complete bombardment of how I should change…