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Why All This Crazy Violence?


By Keri Wolfmueller

Where on earth did all the crazy people come from?  And, for goodness sakes, how did they get guns?  These seem to be the two platforms people land on when discussing the current rise of violence in our country.  The argument sways between more gun control laws or between mental health issues.  Well, I’d like to offer up a third alternative. We’ve got to dig a bit deeper, go back a little further.  

Our country is in LOVE with death.  Sound weird?  What if I say it like this, our country places NO value on life.  Making more sense?  I’d like to argue that we have taught this violent behavior because of our stance on life issues.

We live in a country where it is legal and acceptable to kill babies.  It is okay to rip a child from his mother’s womb and toss him out with the morning trash.  And, without reason.  You are free to kill a baby, up until the day before they are born, for the sake of convenience, for worry of expense, for the fear of suffering, for the pity of imperfection or the quality of life. Three thousand babies are killed every day here in the United States. Yes, we LOVE death.

Or, take euthanasia.  Otherwise known as assisted suicide.  People feel it is good and appropriate to end one’s life again for convenience, for worry of expense, for fear of suffering, for quality of life.  It is touted as an act of compassion for the very elderly, with estimated public support at a whopping 86%.   Yet, it has trickled down the chain and we see this obsession with death in people like Brittany Maynard who chose death at age 29. Yes, we LOVE death.

Connect the dots.  It is legal and acceptable to have an abortion.  It is good and compassionate to end your own life.  So, why is it so shocking that people are killing each other?  THIS IS what we’ve taught them.  The media in all its wicked glory, which is the vehicle most American’s are choosing to inform their conscience,  has propped these events up as acts of freedom, as just, as fair, and even as honorable.  So it is only logical and reasonable that if someone in your life is difficult, if they cause you inconvenience, or worry, or fear, or suffering, or affect your quality of life… then kill them. It makes perfect sense.  Anything that stands between you and your happy life is no better than your trash.  Their life holds no value.

It is sad, but true.  We have taught this love of death and obsession with self and we’re reaping the bloody results.

Until we again become a country that protects and values life, in all its beautiful forms, we will continue to be consumed by this madness.

Their feet run to evil, And they hasten to shed innocent blood; Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity, Devastation and destruction are in their highways. Isaiah 59:7

O Lord, have mercy.

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  • Jared

    I certainly agree with what you have to say here. I would like to add to that, the death penalty, the ease by which our nation goes to war, and the simplicity by which we dehumanize the other (perfect example is the prison system).

  • gracie mccutxhen

    Keri I am so proud of you for sharing your thoughts. It needed to be said. And now to find solutions!

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