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Fun Reformation Activities for Children


By Keri Wolfmueller

If you need a craft project or fun activity to use with your child you probably google it, and Pinterest and the like have a million ideas ready for you to go!  There is one topic I have found very little on and yet it is oh so important in the Lutheran church, the Reformation!  As an Early Childhood Educator and mother of four, I’ve done a little brain storming and thought I’d share a few ideas.  Hope they help.  Have a Blessed Reformation!

  • My favorite creation, a song about Martin Luther, to the tune of Zacchaeus:


Luther was a brave little man, and a brave little man was he

(flex arm muscles)

He marched up to the Castle door, for all he wanted to see

(march in place)

He nailed his paper to that door and said with authority

(pretend to hammer with fists)

“Christ Alone Can Save!”  

(point finger with gusto)

And the Bible is for you and me

(form hand into book, then point to others then to self)

And the rest is history.

(Point thumb behind you over shoulder)

  • Get a pumpkin, some golf tees, and a hammer.  Let your children hammer the golf tees into the pumpkin.  Tell them the story of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis to the Castle Door in Wittenberg, Germany. (True, a pumpkin and golf tee have nothing to do with the story, it’s just a safe way to let them practice hammering)


  • Get some feathers, black paint, and antique looking paper from the craft store and let your children pretend to write with quills.  Tell them of Martin Luther translating the Scriptures into German, using a quill and ink, and how very important this was for the common people who could not read the Bible for themselves.





  • Get various musical instruments and go on a parade to the tune “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”


  • If they are old enough, watch the movie “Luther” published in 2003 starring Joseph Fiennes.  Heads up, this film is not a hundred percent historically accurate.  Do a little research, or talk to your pastor, so you can have an informed discussion with your kids.
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  • Deaconess Faith Swenson

    What great ideas! I know I have struggled with ideas and have to get creative (with what little time I have). Here’s something I made up for Reformation Sunday to help teach the story of the Reformation:

    *to the tune of frere jacques

    Martin Luther, Martin Luther
    Nailed to the door, Nailed to the door
    95 Theses, 95 Theses
    Reformation Day! Reformation Day!

    We are saved, we are saved
    Through grace alone, Through grace alone
    By Jesus dying, by Jesus dying
    And rising again, and rising again.

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