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Celebrating the Church Year in September

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By Marie McNary

Welcome to September! Another month, another opportunity to start fresh introducing the Church Year’s rich history into your home. There are many great opportunities this month to revisit stories your children may be familiar with through their Sunday School Bible stories. Joshua, Hannah, Moses, Jonah. These are great places to start. Look around your home. You may already have story books on these individuals. Or a children’s Bible that covers them all! Incorporating those books into your daily story time (or right before bed) is a great way to bring the Church Year into your already established routine.


Looking for a little more adult study of the Church Year? As always the Treasury of Daily Prayer is the place to go for your daily devotion and dose of knowledge. Let’s learn together!


September 1:  Joshua. Read about Joshua in Scripture.


September 2:  Hannah. Read about Hannah in Scripture. And here is a book for the kids.


September 3:  Gregory the Great, Pastor


September 4:  Moses. Read about Moses in Scripture. CPH has many options to learn more about Moses.  


September 5:  Zacharias and Elizabeth. Read more in Scripture.


September 14:  Holy Cross Day. Learn more here.


September 16:  Cyprian of Carthage, Pastor and Martyr


September 21:  St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist. Hear more from Matthew in Scripture.


September 22:  Jonah. Read more about Jonah in Scripture. For the kids, check out this book.


September 29:  St. Michael and All Angles. Learn a little more about angels today.


September 30:  Jerome, Translator of Holy Scripture

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