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WordSites: Reforming Confessional Lutheran Websites One Site At A Time


By Marie McNary

My husband and I own our own business in the field of marketing & technology. We are also Christ proclaiming confessional Lutherans. Because of these two factors, we are often approached by members of Churches and other Lutheran related non-profit organizations who are interested in building a website for their organization.

They want a clean, professional website to use as a tool to reach those in the harvest fields and proclaim Christ crucified. But these groups often lack the financial resources needed to complete such a project.

For awhile now we have been wanting to do something to help organizations like this. Thus, WordSites was born. WordSites is a project supported by volunteers who donate their time, talents and services to helping confessional Lutheran nonprofits build a website.

The format is simple. Confessional Lutheran nonprofits apply via the website. Volunteers sign up via the website. Volunteers and the selected non profit come together for one crazy, fun, productive weekend and the non profit walks out at the end of the weekend with a new website.

We are currently accepting applications for both volunteers and organizations seeking a website makeover. Work Weekend 2015 is tentatively scheduled the weekend of November 7-8, 2015. A team will work on location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and others will participate via remote locations.

Does this sound like a mission you would be interested in supporting? We would love to have you! Stop by our corner of cyberspace and check us out. And even if you are not interested in volunteering or applying for a website makeover at this time, join our email list and stay in touch!

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