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This blog kicked off on February 20, 2015. In that time the Facebook page has grown over 1,000 likes, we’ve had some tough discussions and disagreements, and a whole lot of coming together to grow as Lutherans.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, commented (even comments that disagree), and shared our posts. To everyone who writes and shares their thoughts and hopes, their struggles and encouragement. Thank you for helping us grow as Lutherans. Sisters (and you brothers who pop in), I’m so happy that although most of us will never meet face to face, the Internet has allowed us to find community and a place to share what unites us in Christ.

I meant to snap a screenshot of the Facebook page right at 1,000 likes, because I’m kind of nerdy like that, but, well, life and children and sleep got in the way. So I don’t have that for you (and you probably don’t care).

So what’s to come to the Sisters of Katie Luther? More Book of Concord, every weekend. More book reviews. More posts about our lives. More encouragement to be Lutheran. More Christ. More Law and Gospel. More to giveaway (besides advice!).

There’s so much more to come.



Photo Credit to Paulo Otávio. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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