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Our Pet Sins


By Holly Scheer

The name “pet sins” has always made me uncomfortable. When I think of pets I think of cute, warm, cuddly animals– the kind of thing you nuture and like to keep around.

That’s not how I like to think about my sins.

It’s fitting, though, isn’t it? The sins we take in, hold close, and nuture through our lives. The ones we hold close. The ones that we excuse as just part of us.

Pet sins.

Having a predisposition to something doesn’t make it something that’s good for us, though.

Sometimes the sins that come easiest to us are the hardest to really call sin– because that’s admitting that things we like, that we embrace, are wrong.

And we don’t like to be wrong, do we?

Take heart, sisters, Christ died for those sins we hold close as well as those we’re quick to denounce. There’s forgiveness and peace at the cross– the full price for all our wrongs has been paid.

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  • Mary Abrahamson

    Since I’m on my Anne of Green Gables kick, … she calls them besetting sins. Anne has a lengthty discussion with Marilla about besetting sins.

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