• Lauren

    I know this is meant to be a humorous post for us mothers to roll our eyes and laugh and say, “Boy, ain’t that the truth.” But I wonder when it became such an ordeal for us mothers to get our children to church dressed, fed, and on time. I’ve read about this apparent struggle in other places and I honestly don’t understand it. We seem to manage to get them to school on time, dressed and fed, and to their ball games and the dentist and birthday parties and sleepovers. Why is church such a struggle?

  • Vanessa Rasanen

    @Lauren #1 I think it’s great that some families never have issues with this. But instead of simply stating “I don’t understand it”, I’d encourage you and others to offer sisters who are struggling some tips, advice, or maybe just a bit of empathy. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses — this post was meant to give those who struggle with this area a chance to laugh at it instead of feeling the weight of guilt for not measuring up.

    Yes, this is tongue-in-cheek. Are all Sundays like this? Doubtful. I also don’t think it’s just church. I wrote an entire piece on my personal blog about how after my 3rd child was born I struggled with constantly running late. I’ve since gotten better about it, but some days my best laid plans can be foiled by this, that or some other obstacle — because life with kids is unpredictable and hurdles seem to pop up when we least expect it. Being able to laugh at that a bit can really help us deal with the frustration when the last thing we want is to fail in any of these areas.

  • Jill

    @Lauren, I think getting to church is such a struggle because Satan works harder on Sundays! Or maybe we expect more from our children because it’s CHURCH, buy they’re just behaving “normally.” Rolling around on the floor in jeans NOT putting sneakers on is one thing, rolling around on the floor in a church dress NOT putting on church shoes is another. Maybe.
    @Vanessa, This is a great picture and it made me laugh! I think you misunderstood Lauren, though. Where I see question, I think you saw an attack. Please don’t be offended. If Lauren is saying she “honestly doesn’t understand it” she probably won’t have any tips for us. Just a thought.

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